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Key Ranch provides its services with high quality standards, backed by over 30 years of experience in Thoroughbred breeding.  Through the diversity of an exceptional stallion roster, and the incorporation of established breeding patterns, Key Ranch is able to provide a positive nick for virtually any mare.   


Key Ranch Stallions

Producing a racehorse that will win and generate profits is not always an easy task. It requires careful planning and good management, and careful planning begins with sound breeding choices. 

Our stallions are by design a very diverse group, both in pedigree and in physique.  Aside from the similarities mentioned above, they are by sires of sires, out of female lines consistent with the successful sons of those sires, and have great physical balance.  These attributes help to establish predictability.  Predictable breeding patterns are invaluable.  Our breeding recommendations are primarily based upon breeding patterns which have proven to be successful through the stallion's own runners or, for our younger stallions, patterns that have been established by other, similarly bred sons of their sires.  

The selection of a stallion for any given mare should be based upon solid reasoning. Proven nicks, inbreeding, and physical compatibility between the mare and stallion are among the factors that contribute to a well-constructed breeding scheme. 

Complimentary Breeding Recommendations and True Nicks

Complimentary breeding recommendations and/or True Nicks for your mare with any Key Ranch stallion are always available.  All recommendations are unbiased, and are based upon extensive research and many years of experience.  Please feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail.  You may also simply follow the link above to obtain a True Nick for your mare with any Key Ranch stallion.


Inquiries to: Joe Kerby
 1849 Lindemann Road #900
Salado, Texas  76571
(254) 527-3679
E-mail: horses@keyranch.com